Mesoscale Modeling Challenge HIV

This page will have details for a simultaneous challenge posed by the Johnson and Olson labs to encourage scientists to participate in improving the science of the model.

isit this page on September 10, 2012 to participate in the inaugural autoCell Modeling Challenge. You will contribute your scientific expertise to improve a community-consensus model of an HIV particle floating in a 500nm^3 cube of blood serum with atomic detail.  At the same time, award-winning 3D animators from around the world will be competing to create compelling visualizations of this complex and ever-evolving model(s).

  1. About the cooperative:
  2. Get Started:
    1. Install autoCell tutorial
    2. Use autoCell to load HIV_Serum_0.0.1
    3. Use your favorite software to alter and explore the model
  3. Rules:
  4. Judging:
  5. Deadline: